Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I'm Lovin'

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First off, I'm LOVING the sun! It's been rainy/gloomy here the past couple of days and even though the sun keeps peaking behind the clouds it's still so much brighter than what it has been. I swear that I get SADs over the winter, so a bit of sunlight is good for me. :-)

I'm also loving the little life inside me that loves to kick away. They are still tiny so it's not hurting me, but strong enough for me to obviously feel. My sister-in-love told me that they will be one of the biggest things I'll miss once he/she is born, and I believe it. There's something comforting know that you are never completely alone.

I love that there is still leftover ice cream cake from someone's birthday in the freezer at work. Can you say hello calcium? I think that's a good excuse to eat it, right?

Kevin plays guitar for local Young Life clubs and I'm loving that we are back to the school that we were at last year! The leaders there are like family, it's the district we live in, AND I'll get to see any of my 8th graders from last years Wyldlife, if they go. Yay!

I love that I get to go home for Thanksgiving in a week from today! Hooray! Thanksgiving is like the best holiday. Everyone comes over to my parents house and it's craziness. We start cooking/baking/cleaning etc. on Wednesday evening when my Nana and I come up and it's so fun. This year's going to be small (only 16, ha!) but still totally awesome.

So what are YOU lovin'???


Rebekah said...

I love the sun too! I'm not a fan of winter because I get the SADs too. I crave the sun.

I'm beyond excited to go home for Thanksgiving! It's been 5 months since we've seen our families and we're ready!

Kit said...

Ice Cream is definitely a great source of calcium....I tell myself that every time I eat it :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Ice cream cake is my favorite!

Tatiana said...

I LOVE feeling my little girl kick away! It never, ever gets old! And calcium sounds like a good excuse to me for eating ice cream :-)

Anonymous said...

This was so wonderful to read. It made me smile :-)

I'm just so excited that you're having a baby!!!

And I'm lovin' that I'll get to see you in a few weeks!