Wednesday, November 10, 2010

21 weeks

Can I just say it's amazing what a difference 2 weeks makes!?!? I finally feel like I LOOK preggo. Yay! Only took half the pregnancy to get to this point. Guess I shouldn't complain too much, because I'm sure in a few months I'm gonna wish I was smaller. These 'surveys' are all over blogland, so I'm gonna give it a shot.
  • How far along? 21 weeks (and 3 days)
  • Total weight gain: about 8 pounds
  • Maternity clothes? Not yet. Pants would be nice, but haven't found a store that makes them in my size :-( Have to remember to check out H&M. At least my old "fat" pants fit
  • Stretch marks? Nada yet! Let's see what happens now that this belly's a growin'. *Kevin swore he saw one when he was taking the pictures, but I looked for like 5 minutes this morning after my shower and didn't see any. Phew! He had me scared!
  • Sleep: I miss it. My hips have been bothering me for quite awhile now. So between them, rolling around, and just plain insomnia, nights haven't been fun for me. I'm normally the queen of sleeping too :-(
  • Best moment this week? Having a total stranger at the grocery store clap and get excited for us that we're having a baby
  • Movement? Oh yes! I even think I felt him/her do a flip the other day!
  • Food cravings? Nothing really. I have been in love with turkey bacon, which is kinda weird because I normally H.A.T.E. bacon. Oh, and does Halloween candy count??? ;-)
  • Labor signs? No, thank you!
  • Belly button: It's shrinking. Yes, shrinking. I can barely fit my pinky in it. But it's still really deep. I used to think when I was little that I could touch my insides through my belly button because it was so deep.
  • What I miss? Sleeping through the night
  • What I'm looking forward to: The anatomy scan. Not going to find out the sex, but I love to see my little one :-)
  • Milestones? Does not being able to button my normal jeans counts?
And time for the pictures...

  • See! Definitely a bump there!

  • And a side by! Totally can see where that 8 pounds went!
  • A huge change in those 10 weeks. Much bigger than the last one.
Oh, and as you can see, we put the crib together! Yay! The sheets came with it, they aren't the ones we're using, but they work to cover the mattress for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renae, I wandered onto your blog from the rhoads and recognize you from being a fellow nutrition major at wcu and attending the same church (in fact I remember you watching my son Anthony in the toddler classroom in the past). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and congrats on your pregnancy. I'll make sure to say hi in person the next time I see you at church!