Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Small Changes Make Huge Differences

Basically everything in our house is a hand-me-down. Furniture at least, lamps and curtains and such are ours. :-) It's great when you're a very young 20-something, just-out-of-college, newly wed. Talk about saving money. Our entire living room set - couches/chair/coffee table/end tables are all from my parents. It's kinda weird because I grew up with it and now I'm still living with it, but it works. Our office is a hodgepodge, mainly yard sale items collected over the years. And then there's our bedroom. The bed set is new, cedar chest is a family heirloom on my side and our dressers have been Kevin's since he was a kid. They were actually his dad's when he was a kid. Just to give you an idea how old they are. At least they match :-)

I have had dreams of painting them since we got them. Seriously. I would try to figure out if they would fit out on the balcony at our past apartment. Seeing that Kevin and I could barely both fit on that balcony I don't think it would have be feasible.

A few weeks ago we bought the wrong can of white paint. Who knew that there was more than one white paint that contained the word "snow"? Lesson learned, don't buy unless you know the exact name. I know that you can return cans of "oops paint" for a lost, but if we have extra white paint and only a few days of nice weather left why not take advantage of it?

Early Saturday morning we emptied out (and off) our dressers and carried them out to the back porch. Of course preggo brain set in and I complete forgot to grab a shot of them for a 'before' picture. Shoot!

Here's my dresser, minus the drawers before sanding.

Here's a picture of the drawers. Check out the handles...dated much?

Kevin's dresser...already sanded.

You can use your imagination what they looked like put together. It wasn't pretty.

After 2 days of sanding, sanding, sanding. A quick (hahaha) trip to Home Depot for new handles. Can't forget filling in holes with wood putty. Followed by painting, painting, painting. Drilling new holes and replacing the handles. We finally have new looking dressers! Woohoo!!!

Seeing how fresh they look totally makes it all worth it. They lighten up the room so much!

So what do you think?
Totally different, huh?

I am absolutely loving them and can't believe how drastic the change was.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! They look so different! I think the handles are what completely gave the new look. I like it :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for signing up for the [Life of Meg] Mitten Mixer!

Registration closes on Tuesday and I would love any help with spreading the word! I figure the more the merrier! :)

Thanks again!

Brooke said...

they look incredible!! :) great job. i'd love to do that to ours but i'm thinking that the mutant would let me.

Brian and Ashley said...

They look so good!