Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Any of you who have been to college know the madness of the first week. The thrill of new classes. The stress of looking over the syllabus. The joy of seeing a familiar face. The dread of buy the books.

I never seemed to dread buying my books as much as I dreaded everyone buying theirs. I worked in the off campus bookstore, and while everyone else was enjoying the first week of class and getting settled in, I was busting my butt and working 70 hour weeks on top of going to class! It definitely sucked, but then being able to relax and only work a handful of hours throughout the semester made up for it.

Well, I never seemed to be able to get out of the textbook business, just moved up a bit. Both our bookstores and our warehouse are experiencing rush right now, and since part of my job is accounts receivable guess who gets the joy of dealing with all the money problems. Including counting 18 register drawers for each store to make sure there aren't too many mistakes before they go to the bank. Oh yeah, and I did I mention that I do the payroll too? So needless to say I'm super busy which is why I haven't been on here much.

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Katie said...

its not creepy at all :)

thanks for reading!