Monday, September 14, 2009

Leader Weekend

So this past weekend I spent down in OCNJ with an awesome group of God-fearing men and women who have hearts for the youth.

The view that greeted us when we arrived wasn't your typical beach scene. Road blocks were up everywhere because so many streets were flooded.

The rain did a number on the beaches too! Look at that drop off! Byebye Jersey shore!

In between sessions we had some down time to play... hello Bananagram! Basically it's like Scrabble on steroids.
Half the group HAD to have their Mack&Manko's pizza, while some of us hit up the food court next door. Ever seen a Stromboli that big???
Followed by some awesome beach volleyball. Take note the size of our court...
...and the size of theirs. Luckily, so still managed to win!
Oh, and we got to see some pretty sick cars since it was hot rod weekend.
Meet team Wyld Life!!! Can't wait to start reaching out to the middle schoolers!
Thank you so much to the Carnuccio's for open up your beautiful home!!!
Sorry for the choppiness of the post. There was so much crammed into 24 hours it's impossible to recap. God totally showed up and moved in that house as well as my heart. It's not about the list and what has to get done, I have feed myself first, before I can try and feed others.


Katie said...

I have to say earlier in the summer we were at OCMD and it rained soooo flooded...and it flooded Declan's brand new car. His speakers blew, and it smelled for a month. WHAT A PAIN!

I love the Carnuccio's house!

soo pretty!

the weldons said...

hi renae!
thanks for your comment!
i started looking at your beach pics (they are crazy!can't believe it was so flooded!) and i noticed that you were there with my brother-in-law chad weldon!!! too funny! it's such a small world :)
have a great day!

Lyr said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Thanks for that comment on my blog and thank you for your prayers! You don't know what they mean to me!! :)

Steph said...

Renae! I'm so excited you are back in the YL leadership! Would love to hear more about it sometime!