Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love is Laughter

I think I have mentioned before, but I'm always cold, and Kevin is always hot. Always. The weather has been perfect lately to open the windows and let the cool air flood our home. That is until yesterday when the humidity came back.

Barely mumbling a hello to me, Kevin came home and made a beeline to the thermostat. I have become accustom to this, and bit my tongue about telling him how that would effect our PECO bill.

Flash forward a few hours and he's already in bed and I'm brushing my teeth. Casually, I stroll into the hall to see what he has lower the temperature too. After spending all summer with the air on, I have learned that it wasn't a question as to IF he lowered the temp, it was HOW low. After bumping it back up to normal, I crawled into bed. Not even a minute later Kevin announces that he needs to get some water and ask if I want anything. Shaking my head I say no and turn out my light. The second he's out the door I pounced out of bed and too the hall only to see him by the thermostat! He looked at me and we lost it.

I love how we know each other so well that he knew I would adjust it, and I knew that he would check! There is nothing better than being married to your best friend, knowing them inside and out and being able to laugh at ourselves instead of being mad.


Lyr said...

LOL!!! Jesse and I use to do that. But now, we are trying to save money so we keep it on the same thing like all the time. But it's so cute that you guys are like that! ;)

The Rhoads said...

We are the same way! I finally got my revenge this summer with being pregnant. After being cold so many summers, I was finally just right while Jason was the one shivering in bed haha. Although he was smart and bought a window unit for our bedroom so we didn't have to use the central air every night! Now I'm back to being cold again...

Katie said...

happens to us ALL THE TIME!