Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crashing Down on In

I absolutely love Colbie Caillat! That might be part of the reason why when I looked out the window this morning I had her song Realize running through my head. The other might have to do with the fact that overnight, a tree came crashing down on my car....

Just what you want to see first thing Saturday morning, your car smothered by a tree. Since the branches went up over the car it looked a lot worse from the back. Luckily, when I pulled my car out so the tree guys could clean up all I saw was one spider webbing crack (and a whole lot of leaves and tree dirt). This is the second time since we've moved in, luckily I wasn't parked there last time. You think property management would do something about it. Oh well, it definitely could have been worse!

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Lyr said...

This happened to my backyard!!! A huge tree came down... crashed right into my neighbors lawn. This storm stunk!