Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kick Off Event

The other Sunday we had our kick off event for Wyld Life and it went fan-tab-ulous!!! The week leading up to the event was rainy and cold and God totally pulled through with a warm, sunny day!
Both the kids and parents had uber amounts of fun on the slip and slide. I wish we would have gotten pictures of it at the end because someone went crazy with the soap and we had a huge, I mean ginormous, mud/soap puddle at the bottom. Kids would come running up the hill begging to be hosed off because they couldn't see from all the suds in there eyes. I don't think I've ever seen a muddy mess that was covered in soup bubbles. Kinda ironic.

After noshing on some awesome food, we moved inside for our mock club. It took awhile for the kids to catch onto the songs, but it went well. The mixer was a HUGE hit! I mean, c'mon...people banging on a pot on their head to call out the name of a song, while their mouth is full of lollipops...drool everywhere...seriously hilarious!

We also played our version of mission impossible... opening starburst (which is hard enough by itself) with snow gloves on. Oh yeah.

God totally blessed and encouraged us through this time. We got to meet and get to know not only some kids, but also their parents. Many of which are super excited to help and come along side of us! CAN.NOT. WAIT. UNTIL.OUR.FIRST.CLUB!!! Oct. 27th here we come!!!