Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weekend

Everyday here seems like the weekend to me! I guess that's part of being a SAHM. It definitely does take away from the excitement and anticipation of the weekend. Oh well. It's a price to pay I guess.

Tonight my parents are coming down to see little man and the attic progress, so today will be spent cleaning and cooking for that.

The attic project is still going in full force, and Saturday will be spent laying the floor! Yay!!! While Kevin and his dad do that I'll be painting the baseboards during LM's naps. If he naps. Otherwise I might just carry his exersaucer outside with me. Lol.

I CANNOT wait to show y'all the after pictures! It's not even finished, but it's amazing what walls and a coat of paint does!

Just a refresher of what we started with...

Sunday should be a day of rest, with no real plans after church. Which I'm looking forward to some family time and maybe a trip to the park.

So that's my plan how about you? I'm linking up with My Happy House blog hop.

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Mrs.CFH2 said...

Thanks for linking up and hopping! I'm anxious to see the results on your attic project!