Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

I'm linking up to Katie's Saturday morning scene.

Little man and I enjoyed a lazy morning around the house while daddy had to work. Then we hit up a local trail.

While I walked for 4 miles (it's pathetic how out of shape I am!), little man did a lot of this:

At the end we ran into 2 friends and had a great time catching up.

We had a family reunion tomorrow for my dad's side, so I'll wish everyone a happy 4th now.

And leave you with a photo from last night...I wonder if they planned it?

Hope you have an awesome 4th of July!!!


Tyanne said...

Great blog. I noticed we have the same car seat, I'm wondering how you like it? Our little guy has a really rough time in the car, and I'm trying to decide if it's that he is uncomfortable in his seat!

Renae said...

I tried to email you, but you don't have email enabled, or access to your blog, so I hope you get this...

We love the car seat! How old is your little one? Do you still have the newborn inserts in? I know when we took them out he loved having the freedom of being able to move and switch position more. Also, do you have toys or anything for him to look at/play with? Maybe he's bored, or maybe he just lonely and wants to see somebody. Just some thoughts...sorry he doesn't like the car for you :-(