Sunday, July 31, 2011

29 To Go


That's the number of years we have left on our mortgage. That's longer than I've been alive!

One year ago today(7/30) we signed our lives away, followed the American dream, and bought a house. Never once did I regret our decision, or have 'buyer remorse'. We made the right choice despite the fact that our house would have made some people go running.

With that being said, I thought it'd be a perfect time to see how far this place has come in a year. I really wish I had thought of this a few weeks sooner, because we are amidst a project and our dining room is home to the supplies and the office is storing all the contents of the attic until it's finished. :sigh: Well, you'll just get to see it in real time. No cleaning up or anything fancy here, it's EXACTLY how it looks.

Oh, and the cats tend to follow me all day, especially when the baby naps (which is when I snapped the photos), so keep your eye out for cat tails through out the photos!


(guess I should have put those boxes into the trash can...oops!)

Dining Room

Living room - the biggest change to date


Half Bath



(turn your head, not sure why it won't load right)



(don't mind the hot for the duvet cover, hence the pack and play too, LM needs to stay cool)

Full Bath


(Hello attic stuff!)


(Hopefully all the drywall will be up soon!!! And out of my dining room!)


Anonymous said...

It is looking sooooooo nice! You're doing such a beautiful job fixing it up :) I particularly love all the baby toys everywhere, too.

Mrs. C said...

That first line made me laugh! It also made me realize I have 28 years left! lol I love your first couple pictures. You can really see a difference!
Mrs. C