Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Fun Week-Part 2 Aquarium

A month ago we hit the road and made our way down to Baltimore, MD. (I know, I know, I'm super slow in getting these post up!)

The drive was a breeze, without too much traffic and we easily found the parking garage associated with the aquarium and we were off!

Little buddy and I before we headed in

Once in they have this huge tank you can look in and have divers swimming with these huge sea creatures. I felt bad for this poor guy who had to have his flipper amputated.

We then heading to the dolphin show! Two of the dolphins just had babies so the show was a bit modify as to not startle them. We weren't even allowed to clap because it would have been to loud for them. Instead we had to wave our hands to show our appreciation. It was actually quite amusing, because people would start to clap and then realize and wave.

The dolphins waving back

Once the show was over we headed back to the aquarium side to make the trek through.
It's crazy dark as you walk through which isn't good for photos. Neither is scratched, filmy glass. That makes the place sounds dirty...it wasn't, it was quite nice, just not conducive to taking photos. Plus, since I was carrying the little man, I only had my point and shoot. *Sigh* Maybe I'll stop being lazy and upload the photos Kevin took to my computer. Maybe.

Not quite sure what these 2 were doing...

Logan fell asleep at the dolphin show, so he spent most of the time riding around like this:

At the very top they have a tropical rain forest! Pretty sweet.


Day-glo green snake! I thought my snake was pretty cool looking, but I really like this guy!

Mr. Tarantula

Then we started our decent down the shark tanks! They moved very quickly and anyone who has tried to take a photo of a moving object in the dark knows how that turns out. (Or the lack of turning out) So I don't have many, but they are huge! And scary even if they are on the other side of glass!

Wonder what it's like to have a saw as a nose?


Once we finished we headed back to the car to eat the lunch we packed and trade out the front carrier for the stroller so we could walk around the harbor.

We had a gorgeous day and the harbor has so much to see!

They are in the process of restoring this old boat. Made me think of Pirates of the Caribbean! It also made me feel really tiny...I never realize how BIG they actually were.

World Trade Center...another BIG structure to look at. You had to tip your head back so far to see to the top it made you dizzy.

The two cute men I got the spend the day with. :-)

Sticking with the big theme, the biggest Barnes and Nobles I've ever seen

The cool guitar railing at the Hard Rock

We had a super fun Monday and spent our drive home planning out our adventure for the next day...

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Anonymous said...

Oh I haven't been there in such a long time! I used to go there with my cousins when I was little. It's a fun place :)