Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love Spring!

It has to be one of my favorites just because I'm a sucker for warm weather and sunshine, and coming out of a cold, snowy winter I'd consider 50's to be warm.

Saturday we had our very first Spring cleanup day! It's the first Spring that we have had a house and have been able to do so. It was even warm enough that I turned off the heat and opened the windows for a few hours. I love fresh air! It smells fresh and clean! I'm not the only one who loved open windows...the cats had a blast running from window to window and being able to jump up and look out ones that they normally can't. Plus, when we were cleaning out the flower bed out front, they would sit in the window and watch.
Apparently I didn't open one of the windows enough for them, and Kobe took it upon himself to squeeze between the window and screen...needless to say we had to snag a quick photo of the silly boy.
I guess he doesn't realize how big he has gotten since last Fall when he could do so without a problem.

I love pulling up to the house now and having all the dead plants trimmed back and all the leaves gone. I'm also excited to see what we have in our flowerbeds. There are numerous green sprouts coming up and since the first time we saw the house was at the end of April and it was covered in weeds, I have no idea what type of flowers we might have!

It's a process, but slowly the house is becoming ours, and we are ridding it of any reminates from the former owner. All the junk from the attic clean out/remodel in December has been living on our back porch all winter. It's now gone! I have a back porch again! Now it's time to hit up yard sales for a little patio set. Oh, and we need to buy some chains to hang the porch swing too! Always something.

I always look forward to Spring because of all the new life, and this year we will be adding a new life to our family. The day before Spring to be exact. On Spring would be cool...but then that means no free Rita's. I'm planning to be standing in that line either in labor or with a newborn...well see which it is :-)


Anonymous said...

That picture made me LOL!

CCH said...

yall are such a cute little couple :)

Ray Smith said...

I told you...I'll bring you and Kevin free Rita's to the hospital