Monday, March 7, 2011

My Entertainment

Who needs TV when you have two silly cats? I have seriously gotten more laughs out of them then I could count.

Caption: K: She'll never find me here! Now I just have to wait and sneak attack her!
S: Silly boy! You really think you can hide from me?

What do you think they are thinking?


angie on maui said...

Here is my caption:

K: "Dude, I'm stuck again!"
S: "This should be fun...where's my popcorn?"


We are cat owners too, but to only one kitty. She totally rules the house...we just pay the bills. We are her puppets!

Visiting you from Meg's MM...nice to meet you!


CCH said...

hahaha cute idea!

Heather said...

Haha! I have two kitties too and they're hilarious to watch. My boy cat is over twice the size of my girl cat, but she rules the roost! mentioned a recipe for Thin Mints?