Thursday, December 16, 2010

4 Years Ago

Today marks 4 years since I agreed to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

(Don't mind the time stamps on all the pictures, they are from my old camera and I was a weirdo and liked to have the dates on my pictures. Guess I didn't think it was ruining them.)

I still can remember the day like yesterday. It was a surprisingly warm day for December and I was working at our buyback van out in Millersville. A month or so prior we decided that it would be fun to see the Philly orchestra's Christmas special. December was going to be a busy month for both of us (story of our lives) with finals for him and work for me, so it was nice to have a date on the calendar to actually see each other.

We got dressed up and met at his parents since they don't live to far outside the city. Since we don't do that much his parents took pictures of us, or so I thought. I had no idea what was coming that evening, but they did.

Quick side note... I had bought that sweater for him from Banana awhile back and it was the first time I saw him in it. Apparently I put my hand on his chest when I was admiring it, and he had the ring in his shirt pocket and I almost touched it. Oops.

In a quick recap:

We saw the orchestra, which was awesome. Then we got stuck in a parking garage traffic jam. Walked around Independence hall area and stopped in a small park 'to take a picture'. Little did I know that was an excuse to carry his camera bag which held the ring box. After a sweet talk, he said that since tomorrow was one year since we first said "I love you", there was no better way to express that love than to spend the rest of our lives together. Once I finally said 'yes' (and got over the fact that the box actually was glowing and it wasn't in my head), we rushed to the corner for a horse and carriage ride. Which is a story in itself since we were so late because of the traffic. But we got our ride around old city which was super fun. Then we got back to his house where his family was waiting up and had a sweet little celebration set up for us. The next day we drove out to my family to tell/show them and then to church were Kevin had called all my close friends to make sure they were there so I could show off the ring to all of them at once.

Ah the memories. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but I'm so glad that I did. Best decision of my life.

Love you babe!!!


Brooke said...

i love reading other people's sappy stories! :) and without the date stamp on the picture you might not remember it was your engaversary

Anonymous said...

What a great story!