Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I'm Loving

I'm a positive person. Really, I am. But I feel like this Wednesday I want to do what I'm NOT loving. But I won't. Because that isn't what it is. :-)

I'm LOVING that the sun is shining and it isn't raining (or snowing since it's like 9* outside). Since it's been so cold I've been in LOVE with peppermint hot chocolate. I don't know why they are more expensive at coffee shops, I just break a piece of a candy cane off and it melts before I know it.

I'm LOVING that Christmas is in 10 days! Even if I haven't started my shopping yet. OR that I don't have any days off until Christmas day. All the more reason to look forward to it.

I'm LOVING that Kevin decided to take the tree down instead of kicking the cats out of the house. And speaking of cats, I LOVE them. Even if they are a little crazy!

Kobe posing for the perfect photoshopped picture. (Don't mind the mess, we've been sick and haven't cleaned up.)
I'm LOVING that my tummy now moves when this kid moves. And boy does that kid move! I'm LOVING that it hasn't messed up my sleep yet.

I'm LOVING that I'm finally feeling better! Being sick is the worse and I was sick for over 3 weeks, so I'm glad to finally be feeling more like myself.

And lastly, I'm LOVING my husband :-) I LOVE how he knows me better than I know myself and can totally tell ME why I'M feeling a certain way. It's awesome!

So what are you loving?


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

What a cute little picture of Kobe!

Tami said...

I love peppermint hot chocolate too- yum!

Emily P. said...

Just go to and type in "Amy Butler patterns". Thats where I found mine. I think I'm going to have my mom make it and have her line the inside and put pockets on the inside as well! I'm super excited :)

Diana said...

I love your picture with your hubby. I always tell him that him that I know him better than he knows himself. Im glad Im not the only one that uses that:)

Kit said...

Great picture and even greater things you are loving :)

star said...

Congrats on your little one! Yay for Christmas in 10 days!