Wednesday, January 5, 2011

29 weeks and this week

I am so seriously slacking on posting! I completely missed my 27th week post (didn't help that I left our camera at my aunts, so I couldn't upload the picture). Now that we're in the new year my personal life has calmed down, but work has been crazy. We moved our office today, so I've been trying to wrap up everything I can and pack. Let me tell you, coming from a girl who is used to doing things herself, especially when it comes to carrying things, it's difficult to ask for help and to say that something is 'too heavy' to carry. Talk about humbling.

On top of that my car wouldn't start again this morning. So not cool! We thought that it was the battery, so we put in a new one on Sunday, and it was doing alright, but of all the mornings she decided not to start at all. I hate having to rely on other people, especially when I'm used to going in early and the one guy who was close and could pick me up always shows up late. We arrived at the time I was planning on leaving to go to my doctor appointment and then to the new office. Not to mention that I was planning on packing up the last of my items including my computer first thing in the morning. Everything worked out thought, and I *think* I have all my boxes. I'll have to post some pictures of the new place when I get the chance to take some and it looks a bit more put together. It's very, um, modern. Although the *desk* (and I use that term VERY lightly) and all furniture are from Ikea. Which isn't a bad thing, but my desk already has a scratch in it! So we'll see how long everything stays nice and new looking.

Anyway, back to the baby post...
  • How far along? 29 Weeks. Seriously!?!?! I'm almost in the 30's! Getting so close to the end
  • Total weight gain: I"m thinking about 17-18lbs
  • Maternity clothes? I'm now the proud owner of a pair of jeans and a sweater. Although the jeans are still a bit big and I'm constantly pulling them up. The sweater's cute though and makes my bump look more prominent.
  • Stretch marks? Not any that I know of
  • Sleep: After I kicked the cold(s) to the curb it was great, but this week has been super sucky. I've been waking up and being wide awake. Prolly doesn't help that Kev's been sick so his breathing has been loud and he's been totally cramping my side of the bed.
  • Best moment this week? Christmas! And ringing in the new year :-)
  • Movement? All the time. I swear that there is a kickboxing class going on in my belly. I had my glucose test on Monday and after drinking that sugar-y drink this kid was rolling all around for hours afterwords! I was cracking up watching my tummy dance.
  • Food cravings? Anything sweet. Don't know if that's a real craving, or just me, or this time of year. I've always had a sweet tooth, so it doesn't surprise me, although now chocolate give me heartburn, so I have to stick to my gummy candy. (Which is why it surprises me how this kid reacted to the sugar-y drink for the test.)
  • Labor signs? Thank goodness nada.
  • Belly button: Still in.
  • What I miss? Being normal. Not having to think about what I'm doing, or if it could hurt the baby. Let me tell you, it gets super boring just walking on a treadmill when you can't get your heart rate about 140!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Having only single digits in the weeks left. Lame, I know, but I can't think of anything to exciting left in pregnancy to look forward to other than actually having the baby, and everything else would be after the babe is born. I just love getting closer and closer to meeting him/her :-)
Pictures: These are from hubby's family Christmas party on Sunday. So no bare belly pic, so I'll start off with mine from 27 weeks since I didn't post it when I should have.I think this might be my first shot in the 'typical' pregnant mommy pose.

Straight on...finally looking preggo from the front and not just chunky.

Cousins pic...Emmy'll be 9 months older than her cousin and she can't wait to be consider the 'big girl'. Actually, knowing her she can.

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You definitely popped!