Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Fabulous

I love this time of year! Don't get me wrong, I'm a summer girl through and through. There's just something about the smell in the air, the colorful leaves and bonfires that I love. I also love pumpkins and apples. There's so much you can do with both of them. Seriously.

This past weekend we had fall fest overload. Friday night we had a Fall Fest at Kevin's school for all the middle school students and parents. Then Saturday we had our own. Yes, we had our very first party at our new house! Yay! Can I tell you how awesome it is to be able to have 20 people over? It has been our dream since we've gotten married to be able to host parties. But alas, our first 2 place couldn't even hold half that amount. So even though we've only been in the house just over 2 months and things are far from being complete and put together we decided friends come first. But I digress.

Friday night was pure madness. I mean that in a good way, I promise. It started out with a variety of activities from pumpkin painting, to seed spitting, to bobbing for apples to turkey bowling. Yes, turkey bowling.

You start out with a frozen turkey, which ends up looking like this quickly.
Nasty, right? For some reason kids love it! It's cold, slimy and disgusting, yet they kept coming back. Crazy kids.

Then you throw it;
roll it;
shot-put-style it;
any way you can to knock down the pins.
Can I tell you how hard it is to get pictures in the dark when you want to get two things that are farther apart than your flash distance? I almost got taken out by the turkey a few times.

Inside was the apple bobbing and pumpkin painting.
Isn't that an awesome idea? It's a tree with the stem as the trunk!
Then we moved on to some group activities. Like eating this:
Spider in the jello. Yum.
And a candy apple eating contest. The catch? One was a candy onion. So glad it wasn't me!
And the end the night, the winners got to pie their teachers.

Saturday night was such a blast! We invited 7 couples over to carve pumpkins. We also had 4 friends stop by later in the night to watch the game. AND we had babies. We had a human baby, my niece, a puppy and our two kitties. Yes, I'm sure it was quite a mad house.

Meet my niece Emmy. Isn't she the cutest little Philly's fan? I love her face here!
And miss Molly, our furry guest. Puppy in the pumpkin :-)

After filling our tummies with autumn-y treats and a tour of the house we set up shop in the dining room. I guess the plus side of not having a real dining room table yet means it's easy to move the table into the kitchen and have plenty of room to make a mess!
YooMyung and Thanh got to carve their first pumpkin! And it turned out totally awesome! (It's the moon you'll see later).

See my cousin's husband is a total pumpkin carving guru. He brought these awesome patterns to use to cut out pretty pumpkins.

Darrell and Alayna did the awesome skull and cross bones pattern.
And Brent and Tara chose the challenging graveyard scene. Props to Tara for her patients with it!
And all 8 of them lined up. I think they all turned out totally awesome!

Like I said, I had a blast on Saturday. We had an eclectic group of friends and family and it was awesome! It probably helped that there were so many teachers in the mix. There were 3- 3rd grade teachers, 2 middle school teachers and 2 phy. ed teachers. What is it with teachers and easy conversation? Must be a required trait.
So what's your favorite fall activity?

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