Friday, March 5, 2010


Hi!!! It's me...the one who post on here less often than I should.

Between Wyldlife/Younglife, friends, work, sewing, reading and trying to keep our place not looking like a bomb went off, I just don't have the time (or maybe it's patience) to boot up my laptop, wait 10 minutes for it to actually turn on, and type something up. Okay, maybe it's laziness too. :-)

Well, we are potentially facing big changes in our lives, and I want to keep track and be able to look back at the process, especially if we have to do it again sometime.

We are beginning to look at houses!!!!!!!!! Eeekkkk!!!! Super exciting!!!

We received our pre-approval letter early last week, and the next day our realtor sent us a list of houses in the area. There were two on the list that we really like and are going to see on Monday. I'm really excited! I know the first one needs to some, work that's what we want. We want something to work on, and have projects as long as the house is livable in the process. So we'll see how they turn out.

We are really relying on God through this, and know that what we get is going to be a total blessing from Him. We have our expectations set high for where and what we want, but you can't put God in a box, right?

I'm not getting my hopes up, I know the longer we stay were we are, the more we can save and the less stress we will feel. It may be a year from now until we find "the one", and I'm okay with that.

I guess this will help keep me accountable for posting :-)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about the Proverbs 31, I have a few verses finished in my notebook, I'm just to lazy to type them up...

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The Rhoads said...

Good luck with the house search, it took us a year to find one! My sister just got their offer accepted. Hearing her talk about the whole house thing takes me back to that whole process. It's very stressful, but worth it in the end when you find the perfect one for you. Walk with God on this and He will bless you with a house perfect for you guys :)