Wednesday, March 24, 2010

House #6 or is it #5?

We've seen a few, um, interesting places, close to the busy road houses, we've seen huge (in our standards) *perfect* houses, we've seen filthy, smelly needs more TLC houses, we've seen townhouses, and we saw twins.

We put in our first offer last night!!! Eeeekkk!!! I never realized how much goes into it, or how nervous I'd be! I get nervous when I sign a lease for an apartment, so just seeing all the pages and all the little details is a bit overwhelming. Plus seeing the total cost for everything doesn't help either. I think the most money I ever spend on anything was my car at $3,000 like 5 years ago. This is like a gabillion times that amount. (Over 30 years, but still the amount upfront is still way more than my $3k)

It also doesn't help knowing that there are like 4 other offers in on it. It's bank owned, so who knows how long we have to wait, or what will happen. The funny thing we discovered though, is according to records, the bank bought it at a sheriffs auction for less that $3000! I wish I was at that sale!

I'm trying hard not to get too excite or my hopes up, or start dreaming about what we are going to do with it. But it's tough. It's so fun to daydream about colors and decorating and where to put the garden and all that fun stuff. Ahh.

So hopefully we'll know today it we win, or if we will be trying to get our second choice (which is maybe God's first choice for us?)

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