Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lists and Listings

So after looking at a few places we are starting to realize what we need to make a priority, and what we can live without. It's so easy to get caught up in something and talk yourself into loving it even when it's missing something super important.

We had originally said we want a twin, but we weren't opposed to looking at twins. Then we were shown a townhouse that was really nice. It wouldn't need any work, we could just move straight in. It was pretty and wasn't dirty. I wasn't afraid of what I might be breathing in. It was easy to get caught up in it, but having a yard is a big thing for us, and that was one thing it didn't have. Sure there was common space in the back, but it was much, we wouldn't have to worry about taken care of it, but we also couldn't plant a garden. We couldn't open up the back door and let the dog out.

So tonight we sat night and finally wrote down everything that we want onto slips of paper. Then we put them in order of importance. It really helped us to get on the same page and really know what we want, want we won't compromise, and what we could bend on.

We also learned not to get our hearts set on anything as the house we were going to see for the second time went under contract less than 24 hours before we went. :-(

And, we looked at what our budget might look like with not only an increase in our rent/mortgage payment but also with the cost of sewer and water and oil (or a larger electric bill w/ a larger space) etc. Not to mention repairs and such.
Now I just have to convince Kevin to go back to teach for WCASD so I can stay at home when we have kids. :-)

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