Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

  • I am NOT still obsessing about the house we have a bid on. Nope, I'm totally patient and can wait for months to hear back from the bank. No problem waiting here!
  • I did NOT silently mutter not-so-nice things as I walked to my car this morning. That walk did NOT include wading through the mud because someone did not have the brilliant idea to obliterate our front steps, hence making us use the back entrance (that doesn't have a sidewalk) without checking the weather.
  • I am NOT wishing the first half of this week away in hopes of the sunshine and warm weather coming on Thursday.
  • I didn't spend Saturday with some friends who are moms, and Sunday in the toddler room. I did not have dreams about having a baby as a result.
  • I did NOT get hooked on the show Parenthood this weekend. Nope, I would never add a new TV show to my hulu list.

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