Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yard Saling!!!

So basically since the time I was born (well if you want to be technical, even before I was born) I've gone yard saling. Quick side note, I never realized that 'saling' isn't really a word because I've always said it, but never wrote it out...oh well. Anyways, prolly half my toys when I was little was from yard sales, and when I got my first apartment I load up on yard sale finds! It's so fun. The thrill of waking up early and heading out with mom in the often cool, gray morning, wondering what treasures we may find. With all the sweet things that I have found over the years, never had I ever been able to MAKE money off shopping at a yard sale...until today!

This weekend Kevin and I headed up to Lancaster Friday night to see an art show (more on that later) and my mom was talking to my youngest brother about some yard sales close to our house on Saturday since he was in need of some silverware and dishes for his cabin. I heard the word sale and was hooked! We didn't follow true yard sale fashion, but by 8:30 we were out the door and on our way! A few stops and some tough, and some not so tough, decisions later we were on our way home with a full car :-) One place we stopped had an awesome bishop bench that I really was in love with and if we had a house totally would have bought! My mom was close to buy a fuze ball table for like $10 but a quick call to my dad shot that down :-( We did make out very well, she bought a whole bag of silverware (at least 12 forks/knives/spoon each) for only $2 for my bro. And 15 never-been-used juice glasses for herself for only $1.50!

So here's what I found:

2 white crates for $.25 a piece, identical to a black one that we bought for $9 from Office Depot earlier week that we can now return :-)

A white fan for Kevin since we don't have ceiling fans for only $3

And my fave...
These totally adorable glass canisters for a total of $2! I love the antiqueish look with the labels!!!
That brings my total to $5.50...but when we return the black crate we just bought, we will have saved 4 bucks! Freakin awesome I know!

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Kate said...

I'm a HUGE yard sale fan too...a few things in our house are from yardsales, and just last night actually Declan and I were saying what good finds they were!