Thursday, October 16, 2008

All in the Family

I love learning new information about mi familiar! It's been common knowledge that my dad has enjoyed photography. He has an older SLR and ever since we were small he has been into taking lots of photos. On top of that, one could even say that he's borderline obsessed with editing old photos of the family and trying to preserve the history. Which I think is awesome. Maybe that's where I indirectly picked up...Ever since I've had a camera I've taken tons, and tons of pictures of anything and everything (just asks my girls sometime about our Miami trip!). Recently Kevin and I purchased a digital SLR so we can step up our photography! Well in light of that when we were at my parents house the other week my Dad showed me this:

Apparently my grandfather was the one who had a talent for photography. I guess I never put it together that we had tons of old photographs (and video) of my dad and his siblings and cousins and everyone actually back when they were young! I should have taken a picture of it all closed up since it has it's own 'built in box'. It compacts and is actually rather small for being how old it is. It is copyrighted 1928! It almost reminds me of the big professional cameras that you sometimes see on a movie based in the 1800's where the guy has to duck his head under the black sheet and squeeze the trigger. I think it looks like a more miniture version. Still very sweet! If you click on the image below to enlarge it, you can see all the little details, like the switch on the front that lets you change the apenture! Being a photographer back then must have been a lot more challenging than now. Not only do we have new technology and most use digital, so they have instant results, but when you look through the lens on one of these you have to remember that the actual picture will be lower! It's not what you see is what you's what below what you see is what you get. Crazy! I just think it's awesome to have sometime (a hobby) that has been in the family for generations! I guess I really am a Crnkovich!

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