Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheap date

I've never been a girl with expensive taste, expecting to go to a high class restaurant so I can order the most expensive entree. Still going out to any typical restaurant would result in a bill at least $20. If you go once a week that's $80 a month and $960/year! Even just going out for coffee would be a minimum of $6/week and $312/year... and that'd be just coffee, no coffee house treats, and who can do that?

Once a week Kevin and I set aside a night for our date night. Lately they have consisted of staying home and just hanging out, playing games, or watching movies. While there's nothing wrong with that, and it saves money, it's nice to get out once in awhile. So tonight we head out to Barnes and Nobles, got a pumpkin spice latte, green tea latte, and a pumpkin cupcake and went home with 3 books for a grand total of... **drum roll please*... $2.07! Not bad for a cheap date night out! All thanks to the printable coupons for free drinks at BnN! And the books? We stopped by the library across from the mall :-) Gotta love that place!

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