Sunday, October 5, 2008

High Society

These past few weekend Kev and I have be busy culturing ourselves :-) 2 weeks ago we attended the musical "Suessical" at the Swarthmore Players Club in Media. It was a blast to watch a childhood fave on the stage! The actors/actresses ranged in age from elementary school through retirees.
Obviously I can't use flash during the performance, so the pictures aren't nearly as clear as I'd like them to be.

All the who's were dressed in yellow:

And here's Jojo's crazy imagination bathtub/under the sea scene:

And a little bit of everyone!

Then this past weekend we traveled to my hometown of Lancaster to see my Aunt's art show. Pictures of course aren't allowed and I wish they were, because there was one painting in the gallery next to my aunt's that I absolutely loved for some crazy reason.

Here's a pic out the window of one of the gallery's at the oh-so-famous Fulton Opera House! Too bad the reflections showed in the window.

One of the corner's in my aunt's gallery:

My blacked out uncle, cousin, and friend. With more of my aunt's paintings in the background:

And the busiest I've ever seen the streets of Lancaster at night! Total blur though since I was walking the other way...but you get the point :-)

I've never been to a gallery opening and had a blast! Free food and wine are always a plus too! I love have Lancaster city has this thing called First Friday, the 1st Friday of every month were most of the galleries, and some restaurants and other places are opened to the public! I think I want to go back...even if I don't know anyone.
So let's see what learning/growing experience we can acquire this coming weekend!


Kate said...

I LOVE first friday in fun!

The Reigner's said...

I know! It's the best! We would love to go back, so maybe we can convince Brent and Tara and all go...