Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I've come to the realization that over the past few months my life has become rather, umm, dull. We don't have any pets, or kids to keep us busy. I don't have a fun job where things are always going on and different...I could blog about the crazy conversations that the warehouse boys had, but most wouldn't be appropriate for most readers! I no longer do Young Life, or The BACC... so I've decided need a new hobby/activity to keep me busy. I get rather ADD at times so we'll see how it works. The last time I had a bunch of time on my hands was Christmas break of my sophmore year of college and I learned to crochet. I even started this really cool afghan... key word is started! It's prolly only 1/2 way done...maybe I should work on that!

We were on an extremely tight bugdet for our wedding (we can proudly say we did the whole thing for under $10k) so to save money our photographer gave us a CD with all the pics and we had to edit and print them ourselves. Well once again another project I'd start and not finish. So I've been working little by little over the past year to clean them up. I think I finally have enough to start working on a scrapbook and I can't wait! I've only made one scrapbook before and it was of my life for my parents as their wedding gift.

Here's one of my fave before and after pics:

The sun was in our eyes, and that building in the background is an eyes soar so....

I decided to just take them out!

A little photoshopping and I ended up with this. I might say that I think it turned out rather well for being one of my first times messing with it!

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