Monday, June 10, 2013

Noah's Ark 2nd Birthday Party

For Logan's 2nd birthday we decided to do a Noah's Ark theme. He was turning 2, we were going to be a family of 2 kids, and we were hoping the new would be a boy and he would be named Noah (it's a meet the baby party as well).

The Friday before, both our moms and Kev's sister came to help with the 2 boys and making decorations and setting up.

In the dining room we hung clouds cut out of poster board with rain drops falling, an ark with animals traced on butcher paper, burlap banners for both boys (that are now in their room) and photos from his second year of life spelling out T-W-O. They are on foam board covered in burlap so we can use them again and they weren't too heavy to hang on the wall.

We had the food and drink tables in the dining room.
Rain water (blue gaterade)

"Sea foam" aka whipped jello, "Be fruitful and multiple" fruit salad
Animal feed aka veggies and dip
"Son of Ham salad"
"Ark bark" aka peanut brittle and zebra preztels
Animal cookies in an ark
Rainbow cupcakes "God's promise cake"
Rainbow candies
The rain clouds and rainbow in the living room.

"rain clouds" in all the corners of the living room

And of course cake time
The birthday boy sneaking treats

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No hesitation this year

Do I have something on my face mom?

I wish I had more photos from the party, but that was the night we took Noah to the ER for the first time (before our 16 day stay at CHOP) so I was a bit preoccupied.

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Ruth Witmer said...

Renae, this party was so well thought out. How precious for your son to look back and see your heart and labor of love put into this day for him. How blessed is he!!