Saturday, July 6, 2013

Noah Thomas 4 Months

July 6, 2013

Well mister big boy, you're another month older and bigger!

You had you're follow up with ENT finally and they said you look great! There is a less than 5% narrowing in your throat! Yay! I stopped all your meds a little before that because we were both d.o.n.e. with them. Once all those steroids were out of your system man have you grown!!! We don't have your appointment till Thursday but I'm guessing your about 25+ inches long and around 15 pounds. ( 14lbs 6.7oz and 24.51 inches) It's funny because that's what Logan was a 6 months! I'm not used to lugging such a big baby around! 

At least you are strong too. You still love standing and started using your exersaucer this month with a pillow under your feet since you can juuust barely touch the ground. I think you like the freedom. You also rolled from your tummy to your back once. You hate your tummy and while we don't put you on it a lot, you spend your time trying to crawl, not rolling. You're getting there, I find you spinning yourself around and  in a different than I laid you. While you never rolled back to belly (in guessing because you hate being on your belly) you can control your movements extremely well and will purposefully roll to your side to hang out before deciding to roll back. 

You hate to be alone. You love being in your Baby Hawk being carried around by momma. (Actually Dada put it on once too)

You are all smiles and have the best giggle ever! You love your big brother and can't wait to play with him.

You rock at grabbing thing and pull your binky in and out of your mouth all the time. You also talk a lot.

The monthly shots:

Photobomb Brother

Compare Logan at 4 months here

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