Friday, June 7, 2013

One of Those Days

*Please note that I'm not complaining. Just freezing time for me to look back and say while I miss the time the boys were young, I don't miss the crazy. Or compare to the teen years and wish these times back :-) *

Today is one if those days where it's raining all day. One would think it would be perfect for sleeping in but with a toddler and 3 month old that doesn't happen. 
After a 330am feed and a 5am binky call Noah was up and ready to eat and play by 630. Before he finished eating I hear Logan calling for momma. 
Once downstairs its the normal juggle of getting breakfast, changing the boys, feeding the kitties... Logan has figured out how to turn on both the TV and Wii and switch the input so he can watch Choo-Choo, Mickey, cars, or bob. I fight with him that he isn't watching TV before breakfast. Then while I'm sitting on the floor with Noah, he keeps shoving different books literally in my face. While I'm trying to read it to him I'm distracted with trying to calm the baby. He hits me. Time out #1. 

I feed the baby Logan hits again and gets another timeout. Noah falls asleep and before I stand up from the floor Logan jumps on my legs crushing my bad ankle into the floor. I tell him "no", and 2 seconds later he's jumping on my shin. Another timeout. 

With the baby sleeping I do what any parent who wants to keep their sanity does and turned on Mickey for him so I could get some cleaning done. 

I get the floors all swept and mopped before the baby is awake and hungry again. (3 month growth spurt anyone?) of course Logan doesn't like that and hits the baby so I take him upstairs and stick him in the crib so I only have to hear him cry but don't have to worry about him. 
Well oops, I forgot to put his side back up from when I changed his sheets and he figures out how to climb out. 

Oh I forgot to mention that somewhere in this I thought I'd be fun mom and build him a tent in the living room. After explains a few time we play under not on it, he throws something on it and dives after it, falling to the floor, bringing the tent down with him. He decides the clothes pins are more fun and proceeds to break all 8 of them. 

Both boys need a change, and Noah needs a new outfit. After what seems like forever I finally get my normally happy baby to calm down. Logan takes that ad his cue to jump down and kick the baby in the head. 

I don't have to say anything, just stand up and Logan is running up the stairs and climbing into his crib. I put the side back up and he loses it. Now I have one crying upstairs and downstairs. I get Noah back to being my happy, smiley baby and I go talk with Logan. 

He's super cute and when I ask him why I put him in his crib he said "kick. I kick baby". At least he knows what he did. 

It's been such a long morning already and I forget when it was that he kept unplugging my phone from the charge, it was when I was feeding baby at some point. And then he took my iTouch and when I caught him proceeded to throw it across the room. 


And now it's lunch and there is only one piece of bread left and its crust, hopefully he won't notice. Oh, he just took the tongs out if the drawer and did something to Noah with them. Time to calm a baby and stick a toddler in a time out....again. 

PS did I mention the glass of water he found and it a spoon and his arm in and spilt on the couch and then all over the kitchen floor? Or the cup that the fat cat knocked over? My floors all got a double scrubbing today :-)

But moments like this 30 second snuggle makes it all worth it 
Failed tent... And the tongs
Cell... At least he plugged it back in
I didn't pee my pants...a little someone did it for me :-)


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

yep. it's exhausting isn't it? I try to tell myself that those small moments make it "worth it" but I'm not always being honest with myself. Sometimes I still downright exhausted. But yes, a good snuggle always helps :) At least you know there's a sea of momma's in the same boat as you! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Renae. Hang in there. I can't promise it gets easier but you get used to it :-/