Thursday, June 6, 2013

Noah 3 Months

Killer eyes

And a killer grin

My baby's 3 months already! And for the first time we get to do the at home monthly photo shoot. Both 1 and 2 months were done quick on the iPhone in the hospital.

I know I have lots of catching up to do, like his birth story, and hospital saga and Logan's 2nd birthday! (How is he 2 already!?!??!)


You are such a bright-eyed, happy baby! You rarely fuss, and when you do it's a 90% chance it was something your brother did. The other 10% is because I didn't feed you soon enough :-)

You are still eating about every 2 hours but at least once a day stretch in a 3 hour. At night you are finally up to a 6-7 hour stretch, which is so nice!

You've been going to sleep between 830-930 and if it's on the earlier side of the 8 o'clock hour I'll wake you to feed around 10 when I go to bed. Then you wake up around 4am, eat and go right back to sleep till 5ish when you start to stir with Dada, and I give you your binky and you are back out until 6 when you eat again and then are up for the morning. Logan is normally up around 6-630 as well, so we have an early start to our day around here. You are still in your bassinet in the pack and play in our room. Brother refuses to move out of the crib into the big boy bed. I'm thinking you are ready for your own room soon though, as soon as you drop your 4 am feed.

When you were born I thought you were going to be an awesome sleeper because that's all you wanted to do, now, not so much. You go down for your 1st nap around 930 and depending what we are doing it might only be 1/2 hour long. You love your little cat naps and will take many throughout the day. Long naps are typically only when we are out and about. Most of your naps are spent in your bouncy seat so you can be outside since that's were brother wants to be 24/7 now. If we are inside it'll be in the swing, or occassionally on your play mat.

You have been awesome at tummy time. Even though you didn't get much of it your first 6 weeks of life, you are rocking it like no other. You have yet to roll, yet I will find you in a completely new position then how I laid you. You look like your trying to crawl, and your feet can push, but you haven't figured out the arm thing yet. You have a few more months to figure that out :-)

You can also sit and stand like whoa if momma or someone helps stabilize you. We just broke out the Bumbo seat today and I think you like the freedom. Just like your brother, you like to be facing out and seeing what's going on. Very nosy.

You aren't a fan of bath time, although now that you lay in your little tub it's a bit better that a sponge bath, but as soon as I start to wash you start to scream. Logan loves to help, and Kobe loves to watch.

You babble all the time and laugh too. I really think you understand us sometimes. You have an awesome sense of humor and your facial expressions kill us. You are very animated. One time I told you "no yogurt" because your brother was pitching a fit for yogurt and you immediately went from a happy baby to crying, just like he was. Then the other day we were laying in the yard on the blanket and L was playing with a ballball on you and lost it and blamed you. We didn't see it until later when I went to move you and asked if hid it from him and the smirk on your face told it all.

You love being in your Moby wrap, nice and close to momma and it puts you to sleep everytime. That's how we go shopping just the 3 of us. Logan gets the cart and you get the wrap.

You are just about out of 0-3 and 3 month clothes and have been wearing 3-6 and 6 month no problem. I'm sad to put the away yet since you didn't get to wear them much. You have been in cloth diapers about a month now and still wear size 1 in disposables, but really should be in a 2, but we have a bunch that need to get used up before that happens.

No clue how big you really are, we'll find out in a week when we go back to CHOP for hopefully your last check. I'm guessing around 13 pounds and close to 23 inchs.

And if you want to compare, here's Logan at 3 months.
(Which reminds me that you are a crazy drooler as well, and love YOUR fist!)

And photos :-)

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