Friday, April 20, 2012

A Few Fun First

Not the normal first that you would think of. No. No these are fun first.

Logan had his first worm experience. Lol.
Oh my. He was super excited for the wriggly little creature I set in front of him. At first he thought it was food. A few times actually. Then he decided to try and rub it into the sidewalk. RUB! Poor little wormy. After a minute of torture he was put out of his misery by being ripped in half. :-( RIP wormy. I feel bad for all the little critters that dare come in a 5 foot radius of Logan.
I can play with this?
 (Random side note... See the flower behind him? He tried to pull it out one time, so I told him "No, we don't pick flowers, we smell them." And leaned forward to sniff it. Now every time we walk past it he stops and leans towards it. So cute :-) )
What should I do?

I know, I'll eat it!

Momma said "no", but I want to try again

If I can't eat, then what?

You want to play on the sidewalk?

Then we had some bubble fun. It was a little breezy so the bubbles blew away really fast and he LOVED them. He didn't quite get the concept and tried to sit on me while I blew them, only to have them fly across the yard. So daddy tried inside without the wind. So fun!

I love how much of a little boy my son is coming. (Did you notice the scrapes and bruises?)

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