Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 366 Week 6

February 5-12, 2012

*Sorry for all the crappy cell phone pics this week...*

Super Bowl Sunday! We went to a Young Life Super Bowl party and Logan had too much fun flirting with all the ladies. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on him when he grows up!


He discovered 'leftovers'. Or maybe he just hides food in the pouch so he can still eat even after momma says he's done. :-)

Tuesday we we're surprised with a date night! Kev's best friend, Jason, and his girlfriend, Bethany, showed up to not only babysit Logan so that we could go out, but also gave us gift cards for dinner and dessert! How awesome are they!?!?!?!?
L.O.V.E. Iron Hill Brewery!
 Stupid night lighting...and the light glaring down on the sign...oh well.
If you've never had Kiwi you don't know what you're missing!

Too many toys? Or time to graduate to the big tub?


Kitty makes a nice pillow. AKA, Sasha's to fat and lazy to move when I try to change the baby's diaper.


Friday Kevin left for a weekend retreat, so the baby and I packed up and spent the night with my parents.

Logan hangin' with Granddad

Saturday night we drove home from my parents. Big mistake. I left early than I had planned because it had been snowing all day. It was warm and all that had fallen the night before had melted, but it was about 32* and I didn't want to get stuck driving on slick roads.
 Sidenote: for those of you who didn't know me back in the day, me and driving in the snow don't mix. I panic. I shake, I cry. Maybe it has something to do with ending up off the road and needing to get towed out not once, but twice. (One of those may or may not have been on my driveway...don't judge until you see my parents driveway!)
Anyways, it was all fine and dandy the first part of the drive. Sure there were a few spots that were starting to drift a little, but nothing bad. Then I hit Gap. All the cars on the other side of the road were backed up and were behind a car that was creeping along with his four ways on. I judged him. I laughed at how he was overreacting. Sure it was snowing, but the roads weren't bad...there wasn't even snow ON the road! About a half mile up the hill I realized that the other side was completely covered in snow! I guess all the snow drifted to their side. I was relieved that it wasn't me. Up until that point I had told myself I could always turn around if it got bad. Not any more. Halfway up the next hill my lane slowed to a crawl. For the next 10+ miles we went about 5 miles an hour. I was freaking. I saw cars in the ditch. Tractor trailers sitting on the shoulder. I was a mess. I kept thinking about who lived close by and if it would be worth me pulling off the highway and venture down back-ish roads just so I could stop driving. A few miles before my exit it started to clear up. By the time I reached my neighborhood, my road was nowhere nearly as bad as the highway! Who would have guessed?


If they are even calling for snow I'm staying put. End of story.

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