Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project 366 Week 5

January 29-February 4th

I did this post once and blogger wouldn't save, so here's take 2!

We discovered chocolate cake in a mug...YUM!


Logan got a little too excited and broke a bowl :-(


Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day! The last day of January and it was in the 60's! No complaints here! The stroller was in the car, so we walked down to the park in the neighborhood.

Future model?


Wednesday was gorgeous as well and we had the stroller, so we went for a walk and caught up with a neighbor.


In lieu of the nice weather we broke out the grill.


Friday we hung out with some of our favorites. Logan gave Andy a glimpse into what life's going to look like in a few months.


Saturday we had a chill morning at home before spending the rest of the day at a funeral.

Some lost a Wii bowling game

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