Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've Got A Little Secret

Renae is not the sweet and innocent woman that most people suspect. Underneath her cute and young looking exterior she is a true warrior. Over the course of our almost 3 year marriage I have been attacked many times (not by Renae) and engaged in battles of various sorts. This first one did involve a cicada nearly impaling me in the face with it's frivolous flight pattern, where I ran through the kitchen directly into the bathroom. What happened next is the stuff legends are made of.

After convincing Renae that someone did not break into the apartment she left the bathroom door conversation, to which I only heard a lot of loud noises. I heard some slamming, banging, some frustrated words, and then an eerie silence. Then came a soft knock on the bathroom door. As I opened the door there she stood, her hair was no longer in a pony-tail, but disheveled and frowzy. She, in a warrior-esque voice said, 'It's taken care of." She closed the door, and I feel on my knees thanking God for such a strong and courageous wife.

When it comes to bugs, I am not afraid to admit that my wife is the bigger man.

I love you sweetie!

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