Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bump in the Road

Things were going to smoothly and to quickly in this house buying processes. It was only a matter of time until we hit a bump in the road.

We got word yesterday that there's a slight issue with the title and a good chance (good as in 99%) that settlement wouldn't take place on Thursday as planned. Apparently the seller got into some criminal trouble and the court placed a lien on the title. Since the house is a short sale, the seller obviously doesn't have any money to pay it off, and from what we heard, her family wants nothing to do with it either. So we are left begging the court to either write it off (haha, them let go of money?), having the probation office out in California (where she is currently living) set up a payment plan with her, or paying it ourselves so we can get our house.

I'm directly involved in this situation, but even if I wasn't it angers me. She's the criminal. It's her debt to pay, not mine. What will she learn if it gets paid off for her? IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

I know I don't have any right to judge her, but it's so hard not to. We just want a home. We want to clean up the mess they made in the place, and make it our own. It's still going to happen. Just not in the timing we were hoping for.

It stinks because we have a vacation planned at the end of the month. We planned out when we would do what to the house, when we would move, and how it all fit around vacation. Now, all of it is out the window. Not something a planner like me likes to hear.

One thing that we have learned time and time again during this house buying excursion is that God is most definitely in control. He has perfect timing and a reason for everything. He protects us. He sees the bigger picture. If it wasn't for that truth I'd be a wreck right now, but I know that He is bigger than all of this, and even if everything completely falls through on this house, it's for the best.

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