Thursday, May 27, 2010


So you know that post I wrote like a month ago? The one about putting in another offer?

Well the seller accepted it! Woohoo!!! Good news, no? Yes, except for the fact that it was a short sale. Let me let you in on a little real estate secret....Short sales are ANYTHING but short. Seriously. They generally take 3-6 months. If you have patience, or are looking to gain patience this is the type of house you need to look for. If not, run. Run, far, far away! NOW!

Lucky for us the listing agent has a ton of experience with them, and only a short (or not so short) month later along with a few thousand dollars they agreed to sell us the house!!!

Inspection's next week, but since they raised the price due to their inspection I'm not too worried about it.

Life has been super, crazy busy and I have tons of pictures and stories to post. As soon as things slow down I'll get to it. :-)

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