Friday, June 18, 2010

May Recap

We all know I've been super sucky at keeping up with this blog. So let's look back at the past month and see what we've been up too.

We started off the month with a tee-ball game with the Harper's.

These are two of the cutest little girls EVER! Of course my niece hasn't been born yet, so I can still say that :-)

They are such an awesome family and I love having them as models for when we have kids someday.

We I had a few Wyldlife events this past month. First, we had a spa night/sleepover with the girls.

We had 11 girls show up and had an absolute blast! Two of our sixth graders help to set most of it up.

There were these awesome paraffin wraps for your hands
There was a nail painting station
A place just to talk and hang out
A pedicure station
A facial station
And after they all got their hair and make up done we had a dance party!
Followed by midnight snacks
Two movies later and the girls were still going strong! Crazy how much energy they have!

We also had our last Wyldlife club for the year. The Merrill's were kind enough to open up their backyard to a bunch of wyld middle kids. After stuffing our faces with BBQ goodness we played some human foosball. Freaking awesome!
Followed by some cricket spitting. We were talking on Rev. 3 where it says if you are lukewarm then God will spit you out, so we had to practice our spitting.
It took awhile to convince someone to give it a shot, but Ryan stepped up to the plate.
Soon everyone followed, including the girls!
We had an awesome first year, and can't wait to see how this summer study and next year shape up.

Memorial day was also in May, but this post is too long already.

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