Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Philly 100

Okay, so this is way late, but my laptop got a horrid virus, but she's all better now. :-)

A few weeks ago the 100 top growing companies in Philadelphia area were named and recognized.

It was held in the city and everyone got all dressed up. It's funny to see everyone clean up so nicely. We were in it last year too, but it also happened to be held on the first night of the World Series, so you can image the traffic. We missed the entire cocktail hour and made it just in time to eat the dinner and leave. Well this year they decided to cut out the dinner and just serve hor'doures and cocktails. Oh well, can't complain about free right?

I was all ready to get a picture of our name and ranking on the screen, but it's kind of hard to get a clear shot when you're clapping. We're 39th baby! Up 18 places from last year.

Even though I had no clue who he was/is Jaw's was an amazing host of the event and kept everything moving with his "two minute plays". He moved around a little too much so it was impossible to get a clear picture of him.

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Lyr said...

That's cool! did you see the Witmer's there?