Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steph's Weekend

The other weekend a group of friends headed down (over?) to OCNJ to celebrate our good friend Stephanie's upcoming wedding! I haven't gotten many weekends recently that haven't been booked and it was wonderful to just hang out with friends and relax. No plans or agenda's to follow, just a time to do what we want, at the pace we want.

We kicked off Friday night with a Friends marathon. Love it!!! Despite a wicked storm over night, Saturday woke us with sunshine and warmth!

We took a lazy morning before walking around the shops in town. A few of the girls had to buy flip flops since it was so unexpectedly warm.

Kel and I enjoying the sun while the others finish their purchases.

Then we went for mani's and pedi's. The people who ran the place were so friendly and nice, and their son was so freaking adorable!

Rae Rae
Kate, Steph and Kel
By then it was late in the day and we were all starving so we headed up to the boardwalk for some classic, boardwalk style grease pit...err, I mean pizza.
That was only one of our napkin piles...I guess that's what you get when half the group majored in nutrition.
After more shopping on the boardwalk, we were heading back to the car and stumbled across a beach wedding! You can't really tell from the picture, but you should have seen the shoes most girls were wearing. Stilettos on a boardwalk? In the sand? Not the smartest move.Arriving back at the house I realized that I haven't set foot on sand and you absolutely CANNOT go to the beach and not walk on the beach.

With a little photoshop I think these would make some awesome pictures!
It's sad to think that was probably my last time at the beach until next year. :-(

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