Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lampeter Fair 2012

The end of September always marks fair time! For a good chunk of my life I would be there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. :-) Then I went to college and got a real job. Now that we have Logan, we go out on Friday night. It's fun to run into old friends, see the animals, watch Logan experience what I did, and see the kids sucking helium and walking around in herd, and remember the time that I was that little doing those things.

You can't go to the fair and not eat! First of all, this is Lancaster we're talking about. Homemade yummy goodness! Second of all, it's a fair. :-) Logan enjoyed his fair share this year. (Sidenote: judging by his diaper in the morning he had MORE than his fair share)

Shoveling in the hot dog

Dangling feet
Stolen from my mom

Mmm milkshake!

Milkshake mustache :-)

Then we saw the animals

Not so sure about the sheep

I got your back dad

Baby goats

Checking out the goats

Bathtime after being sheered...gotta be cold!

"Let's go over there!"

Grandpa taking Logan to the next moo-moo

Hello cow

She was obsessed with licking Kev

Family! (Nice face Mark!)


Funky looking chicken

The goat wanted Logan, but he wasn't having it

Llama, llama missing his red pajamas

Saw some trackers and walked around (by this time it was totally dark so sorry for the yellow lights)
Found a yard stick and all was right in the world again

Not wanting to least he wasn't crying like last year

Time to keep moving people

Sunset and fair craziness

Tracker with dadda

Balloon obsession

Watched the cattle roping

Best view when your little

Or through the gate


Had my 50mm lens on, so seriously this close!

Trying to get 'em

Herding 'em

Sleepy boy...tired out from all the fun

Love my hometown fair :-)

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