Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall in Full Force

This weekend we ventured out to Springton Manor, not once but twice! We are so blessed to have so many wonder parks and places around here, that we often (never!) don't make the hike out there.

Saturday we met up with Logan's BFF Anthony to take some photos and explore. Logan was in a foul mood to start, but was having too much fun and didn't want to leave 2.5 hours later! Sunday we went back out with the Smith's since The Local Grind and Ka'Chi were working an event with Relay for Life called Bark for Life, so of course we had to go to show our support.

(If you're one of my photographer friends, please don't judge the photos! Do you know how hard it is shooting on manual when the sun is constantly in and out and kids are running in and out of sun/shade? Of course you do :-) )

1st glimpse of the farm

Crazy hair!

Wishing his sibling was there to play

Anthony sharing his planes

Meltdown, one of many

All better after some bribing with snacks

Looks like he could be a big kid!

What's going on over there?

Hi blue eyes :-)

This baby was my favorite! So cute!!!

Watch out big papa's watching him

Checking out the shaggy cows/bulls


Do you see that!?!?

Whatcha starin' at?

Shoveling food in his mouth
Aww! Anthony modeling Logan's new hat

Cheese! (Seriously, don't these two have the best eyes?)


K, I'm done!


Gotta say hi to the puppy

Saw big kids feeding the horse and wanted to do the same

Amy feeding the horse for Anthony

Logan and I feeding the horse

Don't know how to flip this guy
Is it easier to look through the bottom?

What do you see?



I can crumble the leaves!

Me and my boy! Sad blogger keeps flipping it

Rock collecting
Rock phone

Timeout spot :-)

So sad the focus is off on this shot!

What mom leaves the park without receiving some sort of gift from their son?
Maggie showing her mom the sheep and goats

Ooo a goat!

No fears! Petting the goat

Sheep stare down

I could live with this view!

And this one

Look guys I'm walking!

Playing around waiting for dadda to pack up

If you're local you have to go play there soon! We had so much fun!

A few photos from last Fall's photo shoot...amazing how much he changed in just a year!

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