Friday, June 15, 2012


Logan loves to go to the park. I mean, come on, what kid doesn't?
Since I don't have a car, we spend most of our time at a park near our house that we can walk to. But occasionally we get the car for the day and can check out a new place.

Here's a hodgepodge of photos from all different times at all different parks. Most are from my little point and shoot camera, so sorry for some crappy photos. :-) Oh, and there are WAYYYY too many photos in the post, consider yourself warned :-)

P.S. Anthony is Logan's park buddy and those two are so fun together!

C'mon Logan let's get out of here

K, but follow me
Now you follow me!
Mini musician

This boy loves his slides!

No fear for him!

I'll race you!

No, this is how we should go up
Yo mama
Little bear shadow

Throwing sand...

What happens to the thrown sand

Watching dadda play hockey

Another crazy slide pic

Making sand castles

Trying out hockey

I'm ready, lets go boys!

Can't leave home without the phone

All the way up with the phone in tow

Baby jail

Check her out!

You can't make me wear shoes! haha momma!

Telling jokes
Mr. climber


Beach ball mania

Anthony playing in the sprinklers

Logan afraid of the sprinklers, but wanting the ball

Throwing mulch is oh so fun

Buddha belly!

Hangin' with the big kids

If we hit this post we can annoy our moms!


Double fisting

Double trouble

Sorry there are way too many of the next set of photos, but they are so darn cute I can't pick just one!


We sat long enough, let's go!

Toddler tootsie

On the move




Anonymous said...

Every photo is completely adorable! Playgrounds are the best :)

Abbey said...

In the throwing sand picture, he totally looks like he's doing martial arts. Ha! Happy mingle Monday :)