Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Frisbee Fun with Friends

A few Sunday's ago (okay, it's been like a month) the couples from our small group headed down to Kennett after church to play some frisbee golf. We all packed a lunch and ate in the pavilion before hitting the course.

Dude, have you ever played before? I haven't. Not for real at least. It's hardcore. Serious. And some of our guys may have be a bit serious. Like bags full of disc serious. And the trees... those were crazy! They were every where! I may or may not have hit one or two (or ten). :-)

Susan stole my camera while we were hanging out in the pavilion, so the first few photos are curtsy of her. 
There's a reason I like to be the one behind the camera :-) 


 And his wife Dawn

Darrell (one of the frisbee gurus)

Andy (the other frisbee guru)

Alayna and Maggie

Maggie being a cowgirl :-)

The never-ending food monster

Don't mess!

Becky and Caleb! (It was also Becky's birthday!)

And we're off! Yeah, I decided to get a different route ;-)
Flirting it up with Becky

Logan had a ton of fun with Alayna...he got a ride...

He got chased....

He even got to throw the frisbee!!! (And it may or may not have gone farther than my throw)

Then he moved on to bigger things

Working his charm on Dawn

Goal!!!! (Errr...whatever it is)

After frisbee we headed into town for some homemade Mexican ice cream. Yum!!!
We all know that Logan enjoyed it ;-)
Mooching off Darrell

The Smith's


Playing with the workers insider :-)

Hey guys!!! Baby in here!!!

Overall it was a fun day!

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