Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tidbits Thursday

Hi! Remember me? I have no excuse for my lack of post. None. Nada. Zilch.

So here's what's been going on...

1. I'm still car-less :-( Since it died on Christmas I've had it for exactly 2 days. That's when we put the new battery in. Guess it wasn't the battery. Luckily the first week it was dead Kev was off school, so he could either drop me off at work or I could just take his car. Then it worked for 2 days and died again on moving day for my office. That was an insane crazy day trying to find a ride and get everything squared away. Lucky for me, my new office is close to my home and easy for my nice friends/co-workers to pick me up and take me home. It's definately a humbling experience to rely on others. I've had my own car since I was 15 (even though I couldn't drive it yet) so I'm used to my freedom. I need the car after work tonight because I'm babysitting and need to pick 2 of the kids of from different after-school activities. That means I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to drop Kevin off at his carpool buddy's house (so thankful for her!) so I got into work almost an hour early! It's good because I still have so much to do with the month end and year end and the move and entering rush, but it'll be a long day. I really have an appreciation for families who only have one car. Seriosuly! More power to ya!

2. Sticking with the car...we pushed mine out of my spot last night. Growing up my dad always told me to back into spaces because you never knew when you might need to get under the hood. Plus it makes it easier to pull out. I try to follow that when I can, but my parking spot at our house in on a circle and it's a weird space to back into, it's just easier to pull in. Well when your car doesn't start where do you look? Under the hood. And what have we had a lot in the past 2 weeks? That icky, cold, wet white stuff. So when you want to look under the hood, what do you have to stand in? Yeah, not cool. Or too cool? Whatever. Since my car won't jump we need to have someone come over and look at her and try to get her started so we can take her to a shop to get fixed. Since Kevin's spot is almost directly behind mine, we thought it would be best to move my car into that spot so it would be facing the parking lot and easier (and drier) to access. It must have been a sight to watch a 7 month preggo woman try to push and steer her car! Once we got it to the middle of the lot Kev had enough room to pull his car in front of mine and 'bump' my car into the spot. That's what bumpers are for? Right?

3. I've been snoring. I guess that's what the third trimester does to you. Kevin's a very light sleeper. I'm sure you can see where the probably lies. Last night my snoring was keeping him up so he decided to roll around a little to see if he couldn't wake me up enough to make the snoring stop. I guess it worked because he said the I rolled over and pulled my knees up, right into his side and proceeded to tell him that 'this has got to move'. I have a very vague recollection of this, so I was still basically out. Apparently we had a few minute conversation with him telling me that he was already on the edge of the bed and couldn't move, but I kept telling him that it's gotta move. Needless to say we had a pretty good laugh about it! I guess pregnancy takes you back, because I used to sleepwalk/talk all the time as a kid. Only 2 more months and I'm be normal again, right? Please tell me I'll be normal again.

4. I've been living with a foot or something permanently wedge under my right rib cage. I can get him to move it, but it's not long before it's back under there. It's not really painful, just uncomfortable. It's a weird reality that MY insides are not longer MINE. They belong to the baby and if the baby wants to move something, it will be moved.

5. I finally look pregnant. No doubt about it. It's funny to walk around the mall and have Kev tell me that this girl, or that girl is checking my out. It's funny how when girls see baby bellies they are drawn to them. I guess gone are the days where I'm out with my girls and telling each other which guys are checking them out.

6. We have our child birthing class this Saturday. I was thinking we wouldn't get into one, because they fill up really quick and I'm not one to think so far ahead and the next open one wasn't until the first week of March, which I would technically be full term. But, because of the snowstorm this past weekend they added a new one for this Saturday. I'm not thrilled at spending my entire Saturday there, but at least I'll know what to expect.

7. I'll have to post pics of our new office. I snapped these with my phone right quick just to give you an idea. We are obviously still getting settled in, but check out the black ceiling, lime green walls and preschool style carpet. Not pictured are the orange and blue walls.

I think that basically sums up what's been going on in my life. :-)

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Rebekah said...

Goodness, that's awful about your car! Ha, you're right about women being drawn to baby bumps. It's like you just can't help it. :)