Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buggin' Out

I have a secret.

Kevin's not the big tough guy we appears to be.


Don't tell him I told you!

Okay, truth is, he does have a weakness, and that is BUGS! No matter how big or small, he doesn't like them. His biggest nemesis is the stink bug. Lucky for him he married a girl who has a soft spot in her heart for all of God's creatures.

True story:

Our first apartment was a haven for bugs. I don't know if it was because it used to be a garage. Or if the bright light outside drew them in. Or maybe it just wasn't sealed very well. Doesn't matter. You name it, we had it. Including a praying mantis! Yes, you read that correctly. A praying mantis. Doesn't that mean luck or something? That was a fun one. But I digress. One night a cicada/locus thing decided to visit. As it's flying around the apartment Kevin locks himself in the bathroom refusing to let me in until it's gone. Real nice. So bugs and him are not friends. Not even close.

Fast forward to 6am the other morning. I'm still in bed and I hear an "OH MY GOSH!!!! Renae come here. NOW!!!!" coming from the bathroom. Groggily I fumble for my glasses and stumble down the hall. I give Kevin the "this better be good to interrupt my last half hour of sleep" look. He proceeds to pull back the shower curtain and there is a huge thousand-legger guy staring back at me. Great. Being the nice wife that I am, I catch him and flush him down the toilet. Seeing that he awoke me from my slumber he didn't deserve to live. Hopefully it gets passed on to his friends.

This place has been relatively bug free (aside from stink bugs, but who doesn't have them?) for the past 2 years up until recently. And they all seem to love the bathroom. Why!?!?!? There's an abundance of ants in there. There was a spider. There was a thousand-legger. Thankfully they are no where else. But it definitely motivates me to make sure I turn the light on if I ever have to go in the middle of the night.

Do you have any bug tales?

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The Rhoads said...

we got roaches when we live in an apt. it was toward the end of our apt. living and def. motivated us to get serious about finding a house. roaches is the absolute worst thing. we had the baby ones crawling around everywhere, even on our nightstand where I would leave a water glass. It took a good month to get rid of them too!

we also had those thousand leggers in our bathroom in the apt, those really creep me out! i always made Jason get them, so I feel bad for you since you have to be the "brave one" lol!

needless to say, we have quarterly extermination service at our house and it's worth every penny! we never have any bugs in the house. i've seen some crazy ones outside since we back up to the woods.