Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh, how I miss it

Florida was absolutely amazing!!! Here are a few highlights...

I have a slight obsession with clouds...and looking down on them is so much cooler than any I've ever seen!

Our crib for the week
One of John Travolta's houses, just up the street!
Hilarious sign at a restaurant
One of the many food spreads during the week
Sunset during cousins night out...too bad it rained 2 minutes later :-(
The reason for our trip...happy 60th anniversary Aunt Fay and Uncle Bedford!
Wedding reenactment without stickers on the bottom of our glasses!
Reigner kids
I may be incapable of frowning, but I can sure pout when I don't want to leave!More stories and pictures to come. How can such an amazing trip be summed up in one post? Plus we have 3 cameras with pictures so it takes awhile to upload all of them!


Katie said...

looks like SO much fun!

that house is gorgeous, too.

ps: hmm...'sister-in-loves'...heard that before, hah~ that's lyryn and my phrase! haha


Brooke said...

you've got a couple of gorgeous pictures in there! :) looks like you had a good tiem.

Renae said...

Thanks girls! It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Katie - hah, that's what the NC side of the family always say too and it just stuck. :-)