Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I've been on a motorcycle twice in my life, both times in parking lots going under 20mph, and I still freaked out. There's something about having nothing around you that just scares me. I hate driving around them because I'm always worried that something will happen to them whether it be someone hitting them, or wiping out or whatever.

Well my worry came true on my drive home tonight. I was coming up Burke Rd to the stop light at Boot as a bike made a left turn onto Burke. Well I'm not sure if he took it to sharp, or hit something but the next thing I know he's on the road with the bike on top of him. I quickly pulled into the parking lot and ran over. The lady in the car who was 1st at the light was already talking to him, so I called 911 and a few minutes later like 10 cops showed up followed by the ambulance a few minutes later. Thank goodness he was wearing his helmet and a leather jacket despite the heat. I can't image the scene if he wasn't.
I wish I knew his name or some way to check up on him. I think he may have had some bruised ribs since he had problems breathing and maybe a broken arm, but hopefully that's all.

Definitely an experience I wish I didn't have to have.
So if you ride a bike or know someone who does please, please, please be careful and most definitely wear a helmet!!!

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