Sunday, June 29, 2008


Friends are like the greatest thing ever! But all too often it seems that we get caught up in our busy lives and can hardly make time for each other.
Recently a friend of mine took her life :-( It has really made me re-evaluate my priorities and to make more of an effort to hang out and catch up with people.
In the past week I walked around Marsh Creek and watched and incredible sunset with Rachel.I visited Julie and Phil and their new house to see their new daughter Keira. And I took an impromptu walk on Struble trail with Anna. They all were amazing and...they were all free!!!! So any time anyone wants to walk, hangout, or get ice cream or anything let me know!!!


Kate said...

First of all, I am so sorry about your friend...I can't imagine how hard that would even be. I heard that she was a wonderful person, and that you all were great friends to her.

Kate said...

Packing? Well...thats an interesting subject. Ha. We lived in an apartment for a few months when we got married. Basically, when we started deciding to buy this house we realized we couldn't renew our lease, and basically to make a long story short...we moved in with my parents before Christmas and our stuff has been in a storage unit "packed" already for a the last 7 months. SO basically, all that is at my parents are clothes and basic daily things...everything else is in storage, and our storage unit is right across the street from our townhouse. So, I guess we're packed? Ha.