Thursday, May 28, 2015


We had a day with no plans and I've been trying to get a walk in everyday, so instead of loading the boys up on the jogger I had them walk with me. They needed exercise and while I don't think going under 1 MPH counts as cardio for me it was fun to watch them learn and have their freedom. 

First we had to find sticks so we could shoot any bad guys we might find. Thankfully Shredder must be out of town. 

Then we found a massive amount of ants and followed them back to their home. 

We went tree climbing/swinging and mountain climbing too. 

After a quick stop at two playgrounds we had to cut our exploration short thanks to someone peeing on the playground and not the tree like he was asked. But we did find a pretty purple butterfly Logan caught on our way home. 

I love living life with boys and slowing down to see the every day things I would often just pass by. 

Oh, and the mud fight they just had in the backyard! Yikes!

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